Spice Tour


This is the only tour which will let you know as why zanzibar is called the spice island. It is done in the Country side about half an hour driving from the historic Stone Town. With the aid of our well educated and experienced guides, you will have known the life cycle and uses of various types of spices, tropical fruits and root crops after being taught in detail. Learning and watching the typical environment of Zanzibar as well as experiencing zanzibar Village life are amongst other things that you are going to be benefited with. Either this tour include a visit to some historical places such as Maruhubi Palace ruins, Kidichi persian bath and the highest point of Zanzibar which is 390 feet above sea level. As touching, smelling and tasting will be upon your choice whilest in the Spice plantantions, asking of any question concerning this tour or stopping the car if you see any historical or interesting things on the way is warmly welcome and totally accepted.

Stone Town Walking Tour

It takes almost 3hrs duration to explore the very fantastic history of this extraordinary site with it's narrowest streets in the world. As a cosmopolitan archipelago, Stone Town prouds of its amazing strong introduction of Indians, Chinese, Oman Arabs, Phoenicians, Sumerians, Persians, Assyrians, Portuguese, Egyptians, Dutch and British Cultures Combined with typical African traditions. The Arab tradition is predominant in Urban design and architecture of stone town where the most impressive and admirable residential structures in town are the large Arab houses with a Central Courtyard (Patio) built in around 19th C.With an exotic mixture of population and Culture, Stone town have more than 49 mosque, 2 Christian churches, 2 Operating Cinemas, 6 Banks, 4Hindu templates, several shops, Supermarkets, the buildings need repair and some have had collapsed already. Our well educated and experienced guides, will feed you with detailed information of those buildings which are of outstanding architectural and historical interest such as The Old fort, house of wonder, former Sultan palace, hamamn Persian bath, peace memorium museum's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Old dispensary and so many other buildings which reflects Variety of Cultural influence.

Jozani Forest Tour

Zanzibar’s first and only National Park is centered on Jozani Forest ,the largest area of mature forest found within Zanzibar ,where is home for rare Red Colobus Monkeys which are species rare in the World and mangrove forest With salt marshes.


 Also Zala Park is a small nature reserve Captive animals exhibits include Tree hyraxes and variety of Reptiles, such as Green tree snakes, Mambas and some big Pythons, Chameleons, Geckos, Tortoises, Striped Lizards And Monitor Liza

Zanzibar Cultural Tour

This tour gives you an insight of the Swahili life style .The tour drives you to see the fabrication of Zanzibari doors (at the building site) which are very famous in the world. We then proceed to the north up to Mkokotoni village, Mkokotoni is the famous fishing village in Zanzibar. Here we see the selling of fish and busy fishermen who bring their fish from the fishing. Then we proceed to Nungwi Village where we see how the wooden dhows and boats are fabricated. then we stay in the beach and swim in the see. In this tour you can also see traditional Swahili house in different village on our way to Nungwi. The guide from the departure point up to Nungwi will be busy telling you the traditional life style of Swahili people and their origin.