Sandbank Picnic Trip 

This full day excursion includes something for everyone! Start your day by visiting the historical Prison Island. There, tour a prison once used as a quarantine, befriend an Aldabra Tortoise and enjoy the panorama of Stonetown viewed from an island! After that, it’s time to relax on the white sands of the Pange Sandbank and soak up the Zanzibari sun. Admire the breathtaking view of the turquoise waters that surround you and the birds that loom up above. This truly is a dream destination! Time for a cool down? Grab your snorkel and flippers and go for a swim. This underwater world will blow you away. Marvel at the tropical fish that swim amongst the beautiful, live coral reef that surrounds the Sandbank. After you’ve worked up an appetite, sit down and relax under your own private tent, where a seafood feast awaits you. Sure to be one of your favorite days in Zanzibar!    

Prison Island Tour

This half day excursion is perfect for someone who wants to get off the beach and get a little more action! Join us as we sail to Prison Island, also known as Changuu and Quarantine Island. There, you will find a conservation area dedicated to the endangered Aldabra Tortoises. While there are babies and juveniles, some tortoises are up to 180 years old! After admiring our large, reptile friends, take a tour of the historical prison, once used to house rebellious slaves, and later used as a quarantine, sheltering the island from such epidemics as yellow fever. Getting a little hot? Why not go for a snorkel in the crystal clear waters that surround the island, or go for a swim and relax on the white sands? On the sail back, we’ll indulge in some  tropical fruits, hoping to leave you with an extra sweet memory of your day.     

Sunset Dhow Cruise

Watching the sunset seaside in Zanzibar is an amazing experience. Watching the sun set in Zanzibar while sailing the sea is one-of-a-kind! Come with your partner to turn up the romance or with your friends and family to see Zanzibar from the ocean’s perspective! Don’t forget the sun downers…Every trip includes a bottle of white wine chilled to perfection, soda, water and snacks to boot! For 8 people or more, you can enjoy the sweet sounds of Taraab music provided by your own private musician. As the wind blows the boat back to shore, we know you will enjoy the perfect ending to your perfect day at the beach.   

Private Honeymoon Sunset Dhow Cruise

 See the most romantic side of Zanzibar by taking a sunset sail for two to celebrate your newly made vows.  A perfect start to the perfect evening, you will enjoy the intimacy and exclusivity of your own private dhow. Take in the breathtaking sites of the island and the magnificence of the African sunset. A private butler will serve you canapes, cool refreshments, and of course, a bottle of bubbly! To spice up the atmosphere, Original Dhow Safaris will arrange a private musician just for you.


 Choose among a traditional Taarab musician to play sweet, seductive songs or ngoma drummers to get the beat going. Take a special trip to the sandbank to take a walk hand in hand or enjoy some Arabic shisha. The day is yours.

                                  Sunset Dhow Cruise With Dinner                           

After working up an appetite during your Sunset Cruise, sail into an evening of wining and dining with a meal that brings a whole new definition to the term ‘culinary experience’.


Go from the waves to the rooftop with a luxurious dinner on top of Maru Maru Restaurant. Located in the heart of Stone town, guests are sure to admire the most magnificent views of a magical city as they dine in style. After receiving a welcoming ‘cocktail’, guests will indulge in an exquisite 3-course dinner, lit only by candles and city lights! Come experience a side of Stone Town you’ve never seen before!

After a magnificent two hour sunset cruise, sail into Mtoni Marine, a beautiful restaurant located on the beach of Mtoni. There, all guests receive a warm greeting, a welcoming bonfire and a beautiful table surrounded by banana leaves and candles. And that’s just the start! Dinner is a deliciously refined 3-course menu, with starter, main course and dessert. You can’t get much more exotic than this.


For groups of 8 or more, enjoy the 5-star treatment at Mbweni Ruins Hotel and Restaurant! Guests are dropped onto an amazing jetty with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. From there, they are led to the historical Mbweni Ruins, where they will be treated to a mouthwatering 3-course dinner among candlelight. You will feel as if you’ve gone back in time!

               Dolphin Tour

This full day excursion will take you to the southern part of zanzibar about one and half an hour driving from the historic stone town. After getting there we take a motorized boat so as to reach the dolphin zone for about five to ten minutes. After swimming and playing with the very friendly dolphins for several hours you will have automatically been given a chance of admiring the wonderful coral reef, Variety of colored fishes and other attractive marine creatures through snorkeling. After taking lunch and shower you will be spoiling yourself on a white sandy beach with beach relaxation before getting's back on board for a trip back to the hotel.